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Car Finance

Purchasing a vehicle should be hassle-free for every customer, but those with bad credit or in learner driver status tend to face a more drawn-out and frustrating process. At Rides2Go we provide car finance for almost every customer, from learner license car finance to bad credit car finance – we do it all.  Ensuring that every applicant is evaluated fairly and accurately, for the best deal in getting you one step closer to your dream car. 

Applications are turned down because of financial history, driving experience or lack of credentials, exorbitant loan repayment terms are offered, financial lenders are uncompromising and as a result, sometimes we miss the car of our dreams. But bad credit is not a rare occurrence and it affects so many of us with finance applications. Even though it can be embarrassing to declare this when applying for car finance, it can actually help give us more clarity on your finances – past and present. This helps us evaluate your ability to repay in the future without defaulting and can give us more information to determine reasonable terms for your loan. 

We are also understanding of learner licenced drivers, who are in the process of reaching their full status. Finding the ideal car and securing finance for the vehicle can take longer than anticipated, and whatever the reason is for your learner status – you should still be able to apply for car finance. Because ultimately, you do plan on fulfilling this as well as purchasing your own vehicle. Financial lenders can be inflexible in this regard, deeming it risky or nonsensical. But at Rides2Go, we can appreciate that no individual wants to stay in learner status for the remainder of their life and will be aiming to move to full driver status, and this is why we offer learner licence car finance.  

We are in the business of selling cars to customers and providing convenient and affordable finance. Judging customers quickly and harshly, is not what we do. Although we offer swift turnaround times, we still thoroughly assess each application to ensure our customers are given a fair opportunity to request car finance.  

Applying online is fast, secure and reliable. Once you complete your application along with the required documentation, it’s a simplified process with no long waiting periods. Rides2Go will keep in contact with car finance applicants every step of the way, updating them on any progress and requesting additional information/documentation in a timely manner. 

Want to find out more? Apply for your learner’s licence car finance now!